Bear Lodge Party

Bear Lodge Party

Here are some details about Bear Lodge from Kraig Fallwell, Party Booshway:

“I belong to the Bear Lodge Party.  It is a Texas party with 13 members at present. We do, however have one member that lives in Louisiana. Due to some health issues, not all 13 are on active status. We currently have 3 men holding the Hiveranno degree.

The Party was first formed nearly 30 years ago. Don Heit was the first booshway. After a while, Larry Pendleton took over as booshway for the party. he served in this position for about 10 years. Then I, Kraig Fallwell was asked and nominated to take the job.

I am responsible for organizing camps, the scribe, and all around organizer.”




Kraig Fallwell – Brigade Booshway for Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.





Randy Muirhead-Bear Lodge


Randy Muirhead





Lanney Ratcliff-Bear Lodge


Lanney Ratcliff







Jim Tump Ryder- Bear Lodge


Jim “Tump” Ryder






Larry Pendleton-Bear Lodge


Larry Pendleton





Bill Rasco-Bear Lodge


Bill Rasco





Uncle Dick Erwin-Bear Lodge


Uncle Dick Erwin





Jason Mays-Bear Lodge


Jason Mays





Don Heit-Bear Lodge


Don Heit







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