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Ramblings from the Editor – from the Sept/Oct Trace

Ramblings from the Editor

Fall is finally here!   Well, almost . . .

There’s nothing like a cool morning to get you thinking about priming that flintlock rifle, grabbing your bedroll and heading off into the woods.

After what seemed like a summer that would never end, we’ve had quite a few cooler mornings recently, which really have me thinking about my woods goals for this season.     In no sort of order, my goals are:

  • Getting my gear organized and in a better place: We’re in the process of moving, so it’s a great time to review what’s there, what’s missing, and get everything into the best shape possible to make it easier to grab it and head out the door.
  • Taking my family back to Rendezvous: My youngest little guy is 3 years old and out of diapers, so it’s a perfect time to get everyone back in the buckskinning habit.
  • Taking my sons on their first black powder deer hunt: My 5 year old has been chomping at the bit to get into the woods and “make meat,” so it’s time I got the bug started in my future camp partner.

What are your goals for this season?

Whatever is in the plan, make sure to plan at least a weekend or two to get outside on the ground with your AMM brothers and share a campfire.    I always feel like I can never remember what came up that was so important that I had to miss a camp, but I always regret missing the camp.

Our Red River Brigade Winter Camp will be held December 8, 9, and 10.   More details in the Events section of this issue of the Trace.

Please keep our brothers in the Gulf Coast and Houston areas in your prayers as they continue to dry out and rebuild from Hurricane Harvey.   This will be something that will take months or even years, so your continued help and support will be needed.

See you on down the trail . . .  .

–  “Many Rifles”


Staying Warm in the Winter

Going back a few issues in The Trace, I found a cool quote from Cuz about an event he attended up north, in the deep winter:

“For my bedroll, I layered up a canvas tarp on top of the straw already on the floor, two wool saddle blankets, a buffalo robe under and over me. Inside the robe were two Whitney blankets. The first two nights I used just the buffalo robe and stayed warm. It was to be colder Friday and Saturday night, so I used the blankets and a buffalo robe those two nights and again stayed warm. I believe with research, experimentation, listening to others, and planning, a person can remain comfortable in cold weather using the equipment of the Mountain Man.”

– Cuz, on camping in cold weather with period gear

All of the gear Cuz describes above is period, and would be carried as part of the regular kit/load-out for a mountain man traveling in the Rocky Mountains.